Scalp Micro pigmentation

What is it?

A novel remedy for baldness, ‘scalp micropigmentation’ is essentially the process of having your scalp tattooed with tiny dots that resemble the appearance of stubble, giving you the appearance of a short, ‘buzz-cut’ hairstyle. It’s touted as an ‘immediate solution to hairloss’ and there’s no invasive surgery, no scarring and no down time.

Why would I want one?

While there is hope for men suffering hairloss (Regaine and Third Generation Follicular Unit Extraction transplants like the one Wayne Rooney had) there’s little in the way of solutions for men who are totally bald.

Scalp micro pigmentation at least gives you the appearance of some hair and an approximation of a hairline – even if it’s just a stubbly one. It can also be used to camouflage transplant scars or to shade small areas where hair is thinning to make hair appear denser too. It’s also a good option for men and women